Original Panasonic Samsung 18650 lithium battery

This is extra business of YUNERGY, focusing on brand lithium battery. We are the agent selling Panasonic Samsung LG Sanyo Sony 18650lithium cells. According to my experience which got from my customers, there are many fake cells from some suppliers in China. 

There are some ways they produce fake battery. 

First, they use 18650 cells made in China with the pvc same as Samsung etc, selling high price. Capacity is same.

Second,they use the lithium battery capacity lower instead of high capacity 18650cells, with pvc same as Samsung cells. Samsung cells is the most easy lithium battery appearance for making the fakes. 

Third, they selling the earlier production brand cells with higher price. As we know, the 2015 year production cells is better than 2014 year production. 

Fourth,they sell B degree brand lithium battery at A degree price.

We have some ways to distinguish the fakes from original ones.

1. Testing battery capacity whether is same as brand type. Such as Samsung ICR18650 30A, its capacity is 3000mah. And in China, there are few factory can produce this cells. When you test the capacity is lower than specification arrounce, then it’s the fake one. 

2. Checking the battery mark code, and you can know what the battery production time.

So this is what we share to you,hope can help you buy the original brand battery. And our company price is good and goods are all from Samsung Panasonic Sony ect factory. 

Welcome to order from us,thank you. 

Our website:www.yunergybattery.com and if you want to order from us, please send email to us: info@yunergybattery.com

Our sales team will help you. Thank you for reading. 



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