48v11.6ah electric battery comes from YUNERGY BATTERY CO.,LTD

Hello Guys, Lithuium Battery World is toward to us!!!

There are more and more products around us which use li-ion rechargeable battery. Li-ion battery give us more colorfull world, from our phones to cars. Nearly li-ion battery covers our life, so there have more big market around us. YNB Company and fatcory who fouce on li-ion battery for 10years. Then YNB produce this batteries for our electric bike

.electric battery

1) Battery voltage and capacity

This type battery can do as 24v 36v 48v for our electric bike, because our ebike motor have different power and voltage. Capaity from 8Ah to 23.8Ah, it can meet our power supply, then we don’t need worry our battery power off.

2) Battery quality

For supplying best products for customer, we use Samsung,LG,Pansonic,Sony,Sanyo 18650 cells for e-bike battery. This cells can offer us more better peformance. Did you ever angry with the freak battery or bad performance battery ? What we can do if battery broken during half way? So,Choosing YNB battery is your smart choice.

smasung battery 29e pansonic battery 29pf sony vtc4 battery lg he4 battery

3) Best Battery for Motor

There are many thing customer need to know for their e-bike. Different motor power need different working current, so we should set an suitable working current for our battery. For example, 48v 750w battery, this e-bike need working current should be 15.7A at least, so we can set our battery working current to be 16A or 17A. We can use 48v11.6ah battery for e-bike,Peak current we use to set it to be 23A or more larger.

4) Charger for Battery

Choosing an charger for battery is important. We usual use 2-3A battery charger for battery. Becasue larger charging current will affect battery cycle life. So we recommend using 2-3A charger for e-bike.

5) How to contact us ?

This is very easy,please visit our website: http://www.yunergybattery.com

Send email or add our Skype for business.

We would like to cooperate with you.



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